Some nice things people have said about the workshops

“I found the course very inspirational and enjoyable. Stoked my creative side again, which needed a nudge in my work life.

I really didn’t know what to expect and had some reservations (fear of the unknown and all that). However I found it very engaging and enjoyable and have shared some of what I learned with my family.

The main thing I learned was to take time and stand back to view things / situations properly rather than having a stressy instant emotional reaction and my brain heading to the worst case scenario.

I regularly meditate anyway, but found some new things helpful.

Andrew is really engaging / knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the subject. Everything you want in a teacher!”

Iain, Paraplanner

“Andrew’s unique, personable and honest approach ensured his course was engaging, interactive, interesting and fun.

We would have no hesitation in recommending him.

We wanted to provide our team with the tools to remain calm, resilient and open to change. Andrew definitely delivered… the impact is noticeable.”

Kath, Financial Manager

“The workshops made a positive impact on the team in a stressful year. Different to usual team events.

Useful tools to help prevent spiralling worries and remain positive in stressful situations. Improved focus and reduced procrastination with difficult tasks.

Something different with benefits reaching wider than work”

Paul, Financial Advisor

“The workshop was a phenomenal experience! It was so much better than I thought!

I learnt to pay more attention to how my emotions can affect my experience and my actions.

I wish we had had more time to carry on.... I want you to come back. Five Stars!”

Kieran, School Pupil

“(the workshop) gave me an understanding of how to better concentrate when it seems like there is a lot on and I’m feeling stressed.

It was delivered in a fun way, that engaged you and didn’t make it feel like work... we had fun whilst we learnt!

Can be used in everyday not just work.”

Rachel, Financial Advisor

“Professional, meaningful, authentic and genuine.”

Aaron, Social Worker

“Andrew is passionate and engaging, and his techniques work.”

Jack, School Teacher

“I have been able to ‘watch the negative thoughts pass’ and stop worrying. This has meant that my sleep has improved massively making me more resilient to the challenges of A Levels.”

Esther, School Pupil

“Andrew helps students to think about the positive and negative experiences in their life and focus on the good.”

Jodie, Higher Education Champion, Arts & Media

“...lots of the techniques appeal to pupils to use, not only in Art, but also in life.... the pupils were thinking about emotional responses.”

Katie, Art Teacher

“Engaged all the students on many different levels - some I thought who might not engage.”

Rebecca, Course Leader, Arts Award

“I can train my own brain.... (The workshop) helped me better than I thought.... made me reflect on my daily choices.... showed me how mistakes can be a good thing to help me get better at stuff (and not freak out).”

Yara, School Pupil

“It’s really good for helping children in their confidence and self esteem. The children were engaging in all the activities. Art can be used as a tool to promote mindfulness.”

Chloe, Raising Achievement Mentor

“The workshop concisely met my expectations.... I felt calmness afterwards.”

Barbara, Cover Manager

More Testimonials

  • “Knowledgeable and calm introduction to mindfulness and creativity.”
  • “… a very well thought-out workshop. It slotted together and made sense.”
  • “It was well-delivered and the materials were excellent.”
  • “Really well-presented and interactive…very professional.”
  • “Very well explained.”
  • “I have really enjoyed and benefitted from this.”
  • “Really interesting and thought-provoking.”
  • “I did not know what to expect but I have had fun and enjoyed this.”
  • “Brilliant!”
  • “Really interesting, fun and engaging, thank you.”
  • “Very well delivered and accessible.”
  • “Listened and responded well to us”.
  • “I usually hate this sort of thing, it never sits well, but it did today and it went in... thank you.”