Like art. Like life.

This is more than a phrase; it’s the basis for the whole business.

To explain:

Art illustrates life.

It shows almost every different human experience there is, so it’s a great way to identify the opportunities and challenges that we all have in common. If you can appreciate art, then you can appreciate life. Like art, you can step back and observe life, interpret it, learn from it, and even enjoy it.

Mindfulness observes life.

In similar ways to observing art, mindfulness gives time and space to step back and interpret. It’s a practice of observation of thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences. Mindfulness improves our understanding of what’s going on around us and within us. This helps us to better manage our choices of experience, and so our enjoyment.

Creativity practices life.

Creativity is a journey into the unknown and the uncertain. It is both frustrating and fulfilling, ugly and beautiful. It’s good to practice creativity - it practices the same mindsets and abilities as those that are developed by mindfulness. Mindsets like optimism, determination and self-belief. Abilities like concentration, adaptability, empathy and intuition. To practice creativity is to practice living!

The best way to learn in life is to see it demonstrated and explained (Art), next learn the theory and have a go (Mind), then with practical challenges, practice learning using real life creative experience. (Create). That’s what the AMC workshops are all about.

Like art. Like life.

“We wanted to provide our team with the tools to remain calm, resilient and open to change. Andrew definitely delivered… the impact is noticeable.”

Kath, Financial Manager

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